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Diploma in Culinary Arts

The Diploma in Culinary Arts introduces students to the world of food preparation and production through the development of operational techniques and core competency training. This is an intensive 50-week program combines a practical hands-on approach in a live learning environment with a six-month period of industry training. Highlights of this program include classical European cooking methods and techniques applied to contemporary cuisines; pastry and baking skills are developed through two specialised courses and the industry essentials of food safety, nutrition and costing give the student a well rounded program to launch their culinary career.
(Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts, launching 2023)

Entry Requirements
  • Grade 11 AS level Certificate with a minimum of 25 points
  • Grade 12 Certificate with a minimum of 25 points
  • 2 Year Industry Related Work Experience
  • Pass in English (Minimum D Symbol)
It comprises:
  • 20 weeks of academic study
  • 20 to 24 weeks internship in Namibia or abroad.
1st SEMESTER (Term 1 – 10 weeks)
Academic Writing & Study Skills
German or French Language
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
Bakery and Breads(LAB)
Food Preparation Techniques(LAB)
Food Safety
1st SEMESTER (Term 2-10 Weeks)
German or French Languange
Essentials of Culinary Operations(LAB)
Cakes and Creams(LAB)
European Cuisines(LAB)
Garde Manger(LAB)
2nd SEMESTER (Term 3 & 4)
Industry Training (960 Hours)