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Q: What are your requirements?
A: Requirements vary depending on the course. Short courses do not have any requirements while diploma programs require Grade 12 Certificate with a minimum of 25 points and a D in English or 2 Year Industry Related Work Experience. We also accept grade 11 AS level.

Q: How does one apply?
Application form can be downloaded on our website. Fill in the form and send it to us via at or hand deliver it to our office. Don’t forget to include all supporting documents
B: Or you can visit us at our campus and fill in an application physically please just check prior to coming all the supporting documents that are needed to qualify for submission before handing it in.
C: You may all so contact us and we can forward you the application through email and WhatsApp. Don’t forget to include all supporting documents
Q: Where are you situated?
A: You can find us at corner of Independence Avenue & Mburumba Street, Windhoek, Namibia
Q: Do you offer classes on distance or part time?
Unfortunately not at the moment. All courses are offered on a full time basis, face to face.
Q: How long do your short courses last?
10 to 14 weeks (2months and 2 weeks).
Q: Do you have a branch outside Windhoek?
Unfortunately not yet. However, we look forward to branching out to other parts of the country soon.
Q: What are your hours?
Our office hours are Mon – Friday | 08h00 – 17h00
Q: What short courses do you offer?
We offer level one and two short courses in Food & Beverage Service Techniques, Beverage studies and Bar Operations, Front Office Operations and Reservation Systems, Housekeeping & Laundry Operations, Service Quality Management 1 & 2, Baking and Pastry Arts, Wine Appreciation, Cost Control Techniques and Restaurant Revenue Management, Events Management, Contemporary Food and Beverage and Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts.
Q: What’s the duration of your diploma programs?
Our diploma courses run for 20 weeks of academic study (2 blocks of 10 weeks), 10 weeks practical hotel rotation and 20 to 24 weeks internship in Namibia or abroad. 1 year and 6 months
Q: Do you offer any financial assistance?/ Are any of your courses funded by NTA(Namibia Training Authority)?
A: Not at the moment unfortunately.
Q: Do you provide accommodation?
Unfortunately not yet. However, we are currently working with third party institutions to help house and accommodate our students. Winco will be ready for student accommodation as from next year June, in the interim we have student accommodation available at Namibia Student Accommodation- Square Residence. Click on the link below for more information: Square Residence - Namibia Student Accommodation (
Q: How much to register for diploma in culinary arts?
N$ 1 550. 00
Q: Is your institution NQA Accredited?
A: Yes, We are accredited by Namibia Qualification Authority(NQA). In addition, we are in partnership with B.H.M.S. Switzerland and our courses are also internationally accredited.
Q: How much do your courses cost?
A: They all differ, depending on the course. They can range from N$ 1,500.00 to for some of our short courses to N$ 77,300.00 for our diploma courses.
Q: Do I have to pay these fees cash upfront?
A: We have a payment plan available to suit each pocket. However, when you pay in full upon registration, you receive a 5% discount.
Q: What are the career opportunities?
A: You can work in a number of environments and businesses
Retail like Unilever and Tiger Brands
Q: When I graduate with the diploma, what kind of chef will I be?
A: Normal you would start as a commi chef and work yourself up. Due to your qualification and practical marks you could skip to a Demi Chefs.
Q: How much can I earn once I have completed my diploma?
A: Entry level with no experience with only Diploma can earn from N$10,000.00