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The BHMS Swiss Education Concept at WHCC
WHCC has adopted the same "four pillar" approach to learning concept as BHMS; quality education, guaranteed internship, personal development and international career placement. Each pillar plays a key role in our mission to provide the growing global hospitality and service management industry with quality employees, who are eager to demonstrate their management potential.

Quality Education as the first pillar, gives students the academic knowledge and skills required to lead into the second pillar, Guaranteed Internship which allows students to apply this knowledge and skills into practice on the job.

Personal and Professional Development, the third and most important pillar, provides students with soft and social skills and discipline that motivates students, guides them, strengthens them and ultimately drives them to succeed. The successful outcome of all three pillars leads to the fourth pillar, a successful Career Placement.

WHCC has a well-established network of national, regional and international career opportunities for graduates plus pathways to further studies at BHMS Switzerland or BHMS affiliate schools in Africa.

What makes WHCC Special?

A “live” learning environment:
WHCC is situated within a training hotel which allows students to be exposed to a “live” hotel environment from day 1 of their learning experience. This helps to build the competence and confidence needed to start a career in one of the most dynamic industries in the world.
Unique 10-week block system:
WHCC has implemented a unique system of education by incorporating two 10-week blocks of academic study split by an intensive period of practical hands-on industry training. This allows students to very quickly put their learning into practice.
Transferable skills:
Transferable skills are abilities and talents that are relevant and useful across different areas of life: socially, professionally and at school. Teamwork, leadership, personal motivation, organization, time management, listening, multi-cultural empathy, communication and using information technology are all embedded in the DNA of the WHCC education system.
Partnership with BHMS:
WHCC has chosen to partner with the Business & Hotel Management School, Switzerland. BHMS is part of the Benedict Education Group, one of Switzerland’s oldest and largest Higher Education institutions. The Bénédict Education Group has 8 campuses in Switzerland and over 15,000 part- time and full-time students and professionals studying at its premises every year