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Foundation Program

Hospitality Management

The Foundation Program in Hospitality Management is an ideal way for students to acquire the necessary base of skills and knowledge prior to commencing the Diploma in Hospitality Management or Culinary Arts. This program is designed to help students develop the specific competencies and confidence necessary to study at the Diploma level courses. The program incorporates the development of English and numeracy skills combined with an introduction to the hospitality industry. A key feature of the program is the development of the students’ personal and professional development plan.

Entry Requirements
  • Grade 12 Certificate
  • 1 Year Work Experience
  • Pass in English (Minimum D Symbol)

Program Length
1 term (10 weeks of study)

Curriculum Overview

Introduction to Hospitality
Fundamentals of Hospitality Operations
Numeracy for the Hospitality Industry
English for Hospitality and Tourism
Research and Study Skills
Introduction to Information Technology
Personal Professional Development Plan