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Short Courses

WHCC’s mission is to train professionals for the hospitality industry and the broader service sector through the development of staff to achieve a greater level of service and professional excellence to benefit guests and the business sector through specialized short course training programs.

The goal of all the specialized courses is to equip participants with enhanced skills and knowledge within a cross section of industry specializations and to acquire the competence, confidence and skills necessary to operate at a higher level within the work environment.

The program structure is designed to be modular to allow organization to select a range of tailor-made programs for their staff or for individuals to select specific areas of development for a refresher or for career advancement.

Short courses are offered every month at WHCC and are subject to the number of applications received.
Level 1 Short Courses
Food & Beverage Service Techniques
Beverage studies and Bar Operations
Front Office Operations and Reservation Systems
Housekeeping & Laundry Operations
Service Quality Management 1
Baking and Pastry Arts
Level 2 Short Courses
Wine Appreciation
Cost Control Techniques and Restaurant Revenue Management
Events Management
Service Quality Management 2
Contemporary Food and Beverage
Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts